ShoreStation Free-standing Dock Review

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What’s so Good about the ShoreStation Free-standing Dock?

The ShoreStation free-standing dock system is an all round great pier.  It looks beautiful; it’s extremely durable and versatile and has a wide selection of features.  The two features most worth of mention are the adjustable legs and the way each piece of the dock connects together (for more information refer to the full review).

What’s not so Good About the ShoreStation Free-standing Dock?:

When thinking of the cons of the ShoreStation free-standing dock we had a really hard time coming up with material.  The trickiest part of this dock is making sure you keep track of the butterfly clips required for attaching the leg supports.  These clips are attached by a chain link, that after a few years can start to wear down so make sure to keep these chains clean to ensure your docks longevity.

ShoreStation Free-standing Dock Full Review:

The ShoreStation free-standing dock is a great pier for any style property.  Whether you have a level plot to the water or are situated on a cliff side, you should have little difficulty installing, maintaining and using your dock.  Throughout this review we plan to dissect this dock to give you a better understanding of its workings and quality of its workings.


When shopping for a boat dock it is important to get something that suits your every need.  ShoreStation’s free-standing dock system is available in Cedar for a more traditional look or aluminum for something more modern.  When browsing the used market you may find a plastic system (for more information click here) that gives off a similar look to a floating dock.  All three of the above dock types have proven their durability and weather resistance. The cedar dock can be stained or left unfinished depending on your wants.


With ShoreStation’s free-standing boat dock, the potential layouts are endless.  With dock sections designed to be highly versatile, you could easily create tens of layouts.  Optional accessories are also available in case you are interested in adding seats, boat bumpers, ladders, railings and much more.

Leg Connection

In our opinion, the free-standing ShoreStation docks have the best configuration for installation and leg attachments.  Leg installation is as simple as sliding the leg frame into interlocking channels followed with a lifting motion to tightly secure each section. Strong aluminum leg frames braces will promote a sturdy dock year round and allows for steady support no matter the height the dock is set at.


When it comes time to leveling, heightening or lowering your free-standing ShoreStation you never need to reach for a tool.  The Byro Leg Lock’s cam-lock mechanism makes all adjustments a breeze.  It’s as easy as lifting the release handle and lifting or lowering each dock section.  Strong metal teeth line the edges of each handle to ensure a good, strong grip on every leg to prevent loosening and or sliding.


No matter the style of dock you choose, ShoreStation uses top quality materials to provide a long lasting great appearance.  Throughout our experience we have never seen any discoloration aside from the cedar sections.  If you’re interested in the cedar deck option, we would recommend finding a stain you like and refurbishing the wood every two or three seasons to keep each section looking tip top.