Hewitt Roll-a-Dock Review

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What’s so Good About the Hewitt Roll-a-Dock?

The Roll-A-Dock system is a very strong dock system that can take quite a beating.  The siding has many different holes for connection that comes in hand in the case of adding more support legs or a wider section to your dock.  There are plenty of supports built into the frame to further increase the boat docks structural integrity.

What’s not so Good About the Hewitt Roll-a-Dock?

This system was designed for lake front properties with land that is decently level with the body of water.  If this does not sound like your property think twice before investing in a Roll-A-Dock system. When it comes to moving this system, the thing is simply a brute.  With long, awkward sections, the Roll-A-Dock is a dock installers or removers nightmare.  The Aluminum legs can also become insecure from repetitive waves crashing into the boat dock.

Hewitt Roll-a-Dock Full Review

The Hewitt Roll-A-Dock system is designed specifically for ease of use on lake front properties.  In colder climates leaving the dock assembled throughout the winter is no problem and when it comes time to install, simply roll the dock into any desired location.  It is said that two that as little as two people could do this though at Sylvan Docks we require at least 4 crew members to properly place a 3 section pier (the average size Roll-A-Dock is 3-4 sections).


One very nice feature about the Hewitt Roll-A-Dock is its hand crank that allows the height of the dock to be adjusted.  If the season seems exceedingly stormy or the water levels are higher or lower than previous years making the dock taller or shorter is a few cranks away.  After adjusting hand crank adjustments will also need to be made for the aluminum support legs to ensure proper stability and strength.

Dock Widths

When searching the market for dock widths it will be quickly noticed that many docks come in sections that are 3 feet.  Roll-A-Dock makes their models in 4 or 6 feet, which can be really nice if you would like to throw a couple chairs on your dock to kick back and relax.

Dock Build

The Hewitt Roll-A-Dock system is highly versatile in building any style system you need.  The starter version of this system is 16 feet long but with a series of free standing and wheel kit supports, you can grow your system to 48 feet in length.  Roll-A-Docks come with all-aluminum frames, galvanized steel frames and from our experience we have never seen any forms of corrosion.

Double Bracing

Roll-A-Dock has a “V” shaped bracing on all wheeled sections allow for easy height adjust-ability and ensures maximum stability with waves, winds or not leveled underwater conditions.

In our time dealing with Roll-A-Dock’s, we have never accidentally damaged or seen damage done to this Double Bracing system.  After hauling these sections up hills or shifting them in many different ways we have seen Roll-A-Dock’s remain sturdy and strong.

Double Strength Connections

The Roll-A-Dock system has an exclusive connection system that is the worst connecting system for a dock we have ever dealt with.  Lining up the connecting holes to place a bolt through is a complete nightmare.  Solely for this reason we would urge you to consider another docking system.  Though the Connections are strong, the hassle you need to deal with in order to get the Roll-A-Dock installed is (in our opinion) not worth it.

Bridged Framework

The Roll-A-Dock has a tapered frame that incorporates a design system that is supposed to ensure maximum strength with a minimum weight.  This tapered system seems to work seeing as we have never seen any damage occur to this tapering, though, the single straight aluminum beam running the border of the dock can easily be bent out of shape if not cared for properly.  With everything considered, the frame system of this boat dock is quite well designed and should hold up for a long time.

Optional “Light Dock Hinge”

If you are looking to create a longer docking system that doesn’t need to be disassembled every year, the Light Dock Hinge is the way to go.  This hinge creates a strong pivot point between pier sections, providing a stress relief during heavy waves, winds or any types of movement.