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1. How long does it take to install/remove an average size dock?

The average dock takes us between 1-2 hours to install or remove.  Our record time is 22 minutes and biggest dock clocks in at 9.5 hours.

2. How long does it take to install/remove an average size lift?

Most lifts take us about 15-20 minutes to install or remove.  When we’re storing off-site, time increases accordingly.

3. Do I have to be around for install/removal?

Not at all.  As long as we have a clear understanding of the dock configuration, point of launch, and storage area you can leave it to us.

4. How much will this cost?

Every dock takes a different amount of time and effort so get in touch with us and we’ll give you a quote.

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5. What type of dock should I buy?

The type of dock you should by depends greatly on three variables. (1) Where you will you be storing the dock?, (2) How deep is the water the dock will be located in?, and (3) What look or style are you going for? These notions will be discussed below:

1) Storage: If you are cramped for space, ShoreStation sections come in 4’x8’ and can be stacked simply. Roll-a-docks work well if you have at least half the length of your dock open for storage space on your property. ShoreMaster breaks into 4’x16’ sections like the roll-a-dock but is a much easier system to setup.
2) Water Depth: If you are working with shallow waters any system will work for you. As the water gets deeper we recommend either a ShoreMaster, ShoreStation, or floating dock system. These are the most resilient systems through storms & heavy waters (waves, winds, etc.)
3) Style: If you’re going for the wooden look you can either go with ShoreStation (which gives a complete wooden look) or ShoreMaster (which offers wooden pallets for the decking). If a metallic style is desired, there are options for Roll-a-Dock, ShoreStation & ShoreMaster systems. Plastic docks are also available through ShoreStation but are quite heavy and far less durable.

6. How deep does my boat lift need to be in the water?

A boatlift must be deep enough in the water to easily drive your boat directly onto the lifts support beams. On average this is between 3 & 4 feet in depth.